Parent Education

Parent education is integral to our teaching philosophy and helps to establish continuity between home and school, establishing child, teacher and family as a cohesive learning community.

Teacher Jamie begins to establish a relationship with the whole family when she visits the home of new students at the end of August. The strong connection between school and family continues throughout the year at biannual parent-teacher conferences and during scheduled after-school office hours.

At Village, we offer Question and Answer evenings with Teacher Jamie throughout the year. These evenings are a time for parents to ask Teacher Jamie parenting questions pertaining their child or family in a group setting. Parents appreciate hearing other families’ situations and Teacher Jamie’s suggestions.

In addition to the Q&As, we offer Parent Education Nights where we bring in outside speakers to speak on a variety of topics that are of interest to our membership.  Everyone connected to the Village community is welcome to attend our Q&As and Parent Education Nights.

Village Preschool maintains a collection of books, magazines and articles that are available for parents to read on everything from the research behind our philosophy, to child development and parenting techniques.

Parent Co-Op Preschool Organization (PCPO) holds a parenting conference in early March. Village parents are encouraged to attend at a reduced rate, and take advantage of the variety of workshops orientated for parents of preschoolers. For more information visit the conference website at: