What Parents Say about the Village Experience


“I feel so grateful that Village has been my son’s first experience with school.  He is forming social relationships in an environment that fully supports him as a unique individual, while helping him to gain an understanding that he is a participant in a larger world.  It is so wonderful to see him learn to be a friend, to effectively say “no”, to speak up for himself, to compromise.  These are such important life skills and I feel great about the environment in which he is learning and trying out those new skills.”
– Stephanie


“Village was a fabulous place for our daughter. If you are committed to prolonging the play and joy of childhood this is the school for you.”
– Brittney


“We sent our son for a third year at Village and couldn’t be happier.  He’s developed leadership qualities, has learned to trust his own judgment and can now negotiate with his peers.  In giving him the gift of another year of play, he will enter kindergarten with more tools and confidence to thrive socially and academically.”
– Sarah


“We had no idea that we, as parents, were getting such a valuable education!  We are now equipped with parenting skills we will use with our kids forever.”
– Kathleen