QUESTION: Is Village Preschool associated with St. Marks Church?

ANSWER: No. St. Marks graciously rents us the space, but Village Preschool does not have a religious affiliation.


QUESTION: What is a cooperative (co-op)?

ANSWER: “Cooperative” or “Co-Op” is defined as a group of people coming together to accomplish a common goal. Village Preschool is a place where a diverse set of families come together because they are committed to being an active participant in their child’s education, believe in our mission-philosophy and to be a part of a community.

Village Preschool is a non-profit organization that is owned and operated by the parents of the current students. Parents assist the professional teachers in the classroom on a rotating basis. In addition, each family holds a position/job with in the school that is an integral part of helping the school run.


QUESTION: Does my child need to be potty-trained?

ANSWER: Yes, students must be potty-trained or wear pull-ups.


QUESTION: Can you accommodate my child’s food allergy?

ANSWER: Yes, we will work with families to accommodate food sensitivities and allergies.


QUESTION: Do you have an outdoor play area?

ANSWER: We have a wonderful, fenced outside play area that is connected to the classroom, making it available for the students and their explorations throughout the day.


QUESTION: How many times are parents expected to volunteer in the classroom?

ANSWER: Parents assist approximately 6 to 8 times per year and serve as an alternative volunteer helper as needed.


QUESTION: Can a grandparent or nanny volunteer?

ANSWER: Grandparents, nannies, or other caregivers may volunteer in the classroom as long as they pass a background check.


QUESTION: What other duties are expected of parents?

ANSWER: Parent involvement is integral to the success of a cooperative preschool.  Each school year, parents are expected to:

  • Hold a job/position within the school;
  • Attend five required meetings a year;
  • Participate in our annual fundraising event (silent auction);
  • Attend two of our four work parties; and
  • Serve as a driver and/or chaperone for at least two field trips (Senior Class only).


QUESTION: How can I learn more about Village Preschool?

ANSWER: Interested families are encouraged to attend our Open House, held the first Saturday in February.  This is an opportunity for families to meet the teacher and become familiar with our space and our philosophy. If families are unable to attend or have additional questions they can schedule a meeting with our Lead Teacher Jamie Clary.  After having attended our open house or met with our teacher, parents or guardians are invited to observe a class in session.


QUESTION: Have additional questions?

ANSWER: Please feel free to contact us by phone (503)245-0482 or email info@villagepreschoolofportland.com.