The curriculum at Village is planned by Teacher Jamie and is introduced naturally into the classroom environment. It follows the natural changes in the seasons and rhythms of the year. The items available for observation and exploration on the science table change seasonally, and the shape and colors available to paint with on the easel change monthly.

The special projects and celebrations are designed with the interests of the children and with the flow of seasons in mind. We celebrate each child’s birthday in addition to many other seasonal and traditional holidays. We encourage families to share their own cultural celebrations in the classroom.

Snack at Village is also an intentional piece of the curriculum. Besides allowing children to strengthen the self-help skills inherent in our snack routine, snack also allows time for conversation and sharing. The parent helper brings an organic fruit or vegetable each day as part of the snack and we also serve healthy, organic dips and crackers. Children are thus exposed to new and healthy foods at school.

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